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No Campfires, Means NO CAMPFIRES

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Did a little camping, scouting etc. over the weekend!!

I counted no less than 25 campfires on National Forest. 
346 area in little naches area. These idiots should be fined big time.  Or lose their entire livelihood when they catch the place on fire. 


--- Quote from: rtspring on September 26, 2022, 06:31:42 PM --- These idiots should be fined big time.

--- End quote ---
It's a whopping $230 fine for violating a USFS campfire ban in Eastern WA. Been that amount since 2008.

I yell at people all the time throughout the summer having fires. Most of them from the westside. Drives me nuts.

Ghost Hunter:
I was nervous about lighting a warming fire in the cabin, when temps got into low 30.  Waited until I was done putting new metal on roof.  Put Mr Heater to work for a couple nights.  Can't get metal siding on quick enough.   Hearing saws running again after a couple days of rain makes me nervous.

Well I was heading in for the high hunt and saw 3 guys in the wilderness area standing around camp just off the trail. When I came out 4 days later I thought I would swing by their camp to see if any garbage was left behind. Low and behold there was a new campfire ring with fresh ashes. Some people just don't get it. When fires are prohibited it doesn't mean that doesn't pertain to you!! :bash:


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