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Best way to tie tarp lines

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Hello all,

   I am knot-challenged. That is to say, I have learned many knots academically but I don't spend enough time actually using the knots for them to remain in my memory for long. One area I constantly find myself struggling in is finding the best knot to tie a tarp.
Example: One end of a rope to a tree, the other end to the gusset on the tarp. What do you use?

Trucker's hitch is easy and can be tensioned/retensioned as needed.

Special T:
TAUT line Hitch

Here is a trick for you.  Don't use the gusset holes on the tarp!  Rather, find a small rock, cover the rock with the tarp, and then tie a clove hitch over the rock.  A thousand times stronger than a gusset hole.

I always fold a rock on the inside of the tarp corners and in the middle somewhere. Then tie a clove hitch around the rock so the tarp won’t tear if you use the eyelets of the tarp to tie off to.


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