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Road conditions skate creek area Christmas tree hunting?


We got a nice tree up cat creek (FR 85) last year, but the road is closed due to logging operations.  We're hoping to go out Saturday and look at new areas up FR 84 off of skate creek (FR 52).  Has anyone been up in this area or nearby and can give me an idea on snow conditions?  I'm hoping to get up to 4500 feet or so, higher if possible, to get into some good nobles, but I'm finding conflicting info so far.  I called the forest service, the person I talked to didn't really know.  According to her there was feet of snow a few weeks ago between 4000 and 4500, but she thought I'd be fine driving at the 4000 foot level or so. 

I'm driving a stock tahoe w/ all terrain tires and have chains for 2 tires.  I also have a larger quad but not sure how deep of snow I can take that in.


Also found out atv's are not allowed in GPNF, so that option is out.

Big wind storm Wednesday knocked down a lot of trees. Be prepared


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