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Petrified wood and Rockhounding

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I am curious how many of you collect petrified wood and how many colors and varieties you have found. I found this piece in the Southern Cascades and put it in my aquarium and the plecostomus cleaned it up. It's made of some sort of hard coal or carbon deposit with agatized veins where the cavities in the wood filled with mineral deposits. It's a very cool piece. I have seen pieces from the same area as this with hollow cores filled with crystals much like a geode and a few with gold inside. I have also seen hollow pieces up higher on the mountain that were too large to remove. I still know their location in the creek and don't know how anybody would remove them without getting in trouble from the USFS. I would like to see what everyone else has found! I will get more pics of some other wood types I have found and rare colors.

Few other angles

We love the stuff.   Nice find. 

Find it often, my daughter (6) loves to find rocks and pick them up. When I go on solo hikes I can’t help but to pick some interesting ones up. I think white flint has been the coolest of them.

I have a black piece of petrified wood that is about 10” in diameter and was 10” long. I cut it in half and polished both faces so you could see the veins. It was filled with white quartz spots with gold veins next to those. Really cool. I work with stone for a living so I have all the polishing equipment to do it.


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