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South Sound Lease or Private Property Duck Hunting Options


Does anyone know of any open leases in the south sound or have an opening they are looking for another hunter or two to join?  I'd also be interested in some private fields or ponds as well if anyone knows someone that is willing to give access for a trespass fee.

Here is the long of the short.  I am trying to look ahead to next season because I have caught the waterfowl bug, but the majority of my hunting and opportunities has been on the eastside of the state. Its hard to commit to hunting the eastside while still trying to spend time with my wife and kiddos, not to mention my work schedule.  My wife also enjoys hunting and my kids are interested, but I don't want to push them to hard at 7 and 9 where it is not enjoyable. I checked out Cedarville Farms, but the majority of their hunting grounds are still a decent drive for me and I still want to do everything from scouting, setting up, hunting, taking down, etc.  They seem to have a great program, but I do not want to just show up to shoot birds as a guide has everything else setup for you is the way it seems. I have nothing against this, but its just not my style and I enjoy the time spent with others in the field along with the camaraderie of being with fellow hunters.

I live in the Graham/Eatonville area and would like to find something closer to home to hunt in Pierce or Thurston Counties ideally as I want to spend more time with my wife and kiddos while still being able to waterfowl hunt more often.  If you have a lease that your looking for someone to join, know of a lease, property or possible lead on something then please PM me. Thanks in advance!

I'm open to something in the Snoqualmie Valley too if anyone knows of any openings.

Still looking, so shoot me a PM if you know of any openings.  My 10 yo is getting into hunting and she has expressed some interest in waterfowl hunting, so I need something that would allow me to bring her along.


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