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King 5 weighing in on legality ofsnowgoose hunting

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This is the type if people we have to deal with as hunters.  Rather than look up the rules and regulations themselves they'd rather send it in to.the news like it's going to be some big story that blows up.. 

 Well they are migrating from Russia, so they must fall under the same Biden administration precedent that anything flying into US air space must be left alone! :rolleyes:

Janet from Skagit Valley sounds like a real Karen

What it did was make Janet the Karen look really stupid.  She was probably so excited when her question was read on air. Then quickly her excitement faded to a red face, humiliated shell of a person, as her house full of guests she had invited over for the debut of her taking down illegal hunters shooting snow geese in her precious Skagit Valley went down in flames. Her friends saw the real Janet as a moron, uneducated lib who belongs back in Seattle.

She lives in Skagit Valley and most likely is fully aware of the waterfowl hunting season but needs to cry out to bring focus to the anti hunting community.   Letís get it on the evening news and some outraged people to protest.   This state is really starting to suck.


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