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1 MOA or better hunting AR10 build?

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Whatís it take to get a 1 MOA or better AR10 with premium factory hunting ammo?

Good barrel and trigger? Anything else that really drives accuracy in this platform?

Due to the looming ban I picked up some Aero precision uppers, lowers, and various parts.

Thinking of building up a lightish weight one in .308 for Rosy elk and blacktail hunting.

16Ē barrel probably, and hoping for 7.5-8lbs bare rifle, but any advice is welcome.

Not to hard. First is trigger for sure. Factory mil spec triggers are not made to be sub moa triggers. You can do much better but will run 100/150 for middle of the road good trigger. Next is barrel, I really like wilson barrels and black hole have been my go-to on the 15/10 builds. I have others but I can say all of them without a doubt from those 2 are better than MOA for sure.  The rest is just pick and play stuff. I do prefer a good stock with a check piece like the PRS magpul but you pick up a lot of weight. LuthAR and ace make some great lighter options. I also really favor a softer grip with the 10 platform like the ergo grips. Since you get some recoil in your hands on the bigger pills in the 308 and plus.

In my experience, barrel and load are the most important when all other parts and made and installed correctly. Accuracy between a $60 trigger and $200 isnít measurable if someone buys a poorly made barrel or the ammo doesnít work well with the setup.

Itís possible to get a weight near your stated goal. You will have to be mindful of all parts that you choose including small small parts that can come in aluminum or titanium instead of steel.  handguards that are mostly made of carbon fiber are one part that can make a big difference in overall weight.

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On, Molon has a ton of testing various ammo, barrels, etc. with extensive data. Basically it comes down to
Good barrel, good ammo, decent trigger, and a shooter who is capable of 1 MOA.

Easy peazy  :hello:


Links to Molon's information -

Pull up a chair and read awhile, some great information in there  :tup:

Excellent, thank you guys. Glad to hear there isnít much more to it than a premium barrel and trigger.

On the hand guard topic, carbon fiber is definitely the plan. The idea of still hunting with an aluminum hand guard in November sounds awfulÖ


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