Author Topic: Archery point of aim  (Read 3537 times)

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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #15 on: August 15, 2023, 06:56:46 PM »
I always hold high…..but use both pins to know where my impact should be….if that makes sense.

I have read, but never had to try, the trick when shooting through a window between you and the target where you are unsure if it will clear. If the target is at 50, range the window and if it’s 30 yards, when you aim and put your 50 pin on the target, if the 30 pin is also clear of the window you are good.

Yes same concept.  It allows me to see where impact will be while also allowing me to identify a finite aiming point.  Aim small mid small. 

In all honesty, I only pay this close attention beyond 50 yards.  Anything less is just an easy shot with between ranges. 

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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #16 on: August 15, 2023, 07:49:17 PM »
Depends on what you are hunting. I only hunt Elk with a bow which is the reason i changed to a 70lb bow and a single pin. At 60lbs I had to deal with to much of a gap on where my shots hit. At 70lbs I know if i set my pin at 35 yards or so I'm going to hit the kill zone out to 40 yards or so if I just aim at center of chest. Anything beyond that I know I'm going to mostly have time to adjust my pin.

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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #17 on: August 15, 2023, 07:52:37 PM »
I'm a splitter
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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #18 on: August 15, 2023, 08:21:23 PM »
Dial it and send it. Single pin shooter here.
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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #19 on: August 15, 2023, 09:22:15 PM »
I always aim high with my pins on in betweeners. If it is 35 I use my 30 yard pin a little high.  I've tried doing it the other way and I am not as accurate as aiming high instead of low.

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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #20 on: August 15, 2023, 09:34:01 PM »
For game I hold hot up to 4 yards, and low for 5 and up. Its easier for me to hold low and let the pin float underneath the intended point of impact. Gap shooting has screwed me in low light, is not the fastest target aquisition for me,  and i only feel really accurate with it when using a sight with a wire. So it is my least often used method. This is with with a 3 pin slider out to 45. I Dial a pin past that. With the speed window i setup for, it keeps the gaps fairly close so yardage errors are pretty forgiving. If only hunting elk i could get away with a 2 pin setup but the 30 pin is handy for smaller vital zones.


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Re: Archery point of aim
« Reply #21 on: August 16, 2023, 05:21:32 PM »
I only have 3 pins, 20-40-60 less confusion in a hurry. Split the pins for odd yardage, 30-50.

Of course that's all dependent on a level shot, steep up or down changes everything.
Has worked well for me for 30 years!
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