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Good Hikes in February

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My wife and I want to go on a day hike this weekend and we are looking for suggestions on where to go. We would prefer to go where there is no snow and also decent views. Iím hoping to keep it within a couple hours from Monroe. Thanks.

Wallace Falls near Gold Bar, not sure how much snow is there.

There's the Whitehorse trail along 530 from Arlington to Darrington, easy hike and interesting views.  Same with the Cascade Trail along HW 20 and you might run into some elk.

Wallace Falls is a good one. Was there last week. Cell phone pic of one of the overlooks. No snow.

Fragrance Lake
Oyster Dome

Thanks for the responses.

Boss .300 winmag:
Call the Sedro Wolley office to see if thereís snow, really mild winter so far. After this weekend snow is in the forecast there.

The camp ground is closed for camping, but you can walk thru it to the trailhead.



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