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Looking for riding buddies


I recently bought a like new 2021 Kawasaki KLX 300r with plans to trail ride, maybe a little scouting and do a few poker runs with a buddy of mine but due to a recent medical diagnosis, he's going to have to sell his bike. Not being a fan of riding solo, I'm looking for a riding buddy/buddies.
A little about me, I'm 57 and in relatively good shape. I rode/raced a lot in my younger days on both a KDX 200 and KX 250 but haven't owned a bike since the early 90's when I was forced to sell them when my car took a dump on me. I have no illusions of riding like I did back then but think I'll be up to speed pretty quickly.
I live in Kelso and plan on riding within a couple hours of home, Capitol Forest, Jones Creek, Tahuya and I'll probably go over to Odessa next month to ride the Desert 100 poker run and watch the race.
If you want to ride or have room in your group for a new guy, I'd love to join you and my wife will rest a lot easier knowing I'm not alone. I also have a nice 18' boat and always looking for fishing buddies (Columbia salmon, Merwin Kokanee) if you like to fish.


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