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Certainly a different year than most.  Spring is at least two weeks earlier than usual with every thing in blossom and underbrush leafed out.  Birds are pretty much out of their winter groups and heavily henned up.  Not seeing birds in a lot of the usual places and seeing them in places we don't normally see em.  Personally not seeing many up high yet, but haven't spent much time up there either. All roads in good shape.  That time when you get lots of call answers but tough to break em away from their harem, except of course for the Jake's. We got our birds fine, but had to work a little harder than usual.  Haven't seen a ton of hunters, but expect that will change this weekend. Enjoy, certainly a beautiful time of year to be out and about.

Thanks for the post...very helpful to us first time NE hunters.  Grandsons & I are headed up tomorrow & will share what we find after the weekend. 

Was 24 degrees this morning.  Brrrrrr


--- Quote from: Machias on April 17, 2024, 10:05:03 AM ---Was 24 degrees this morning.  Brrrrrr

--- End quote ---

Yes, 26 here at the house this morning.  Bring your warm clothes for mornings as forecast says no rain but chilly mornings the next few days.  Got hailed on yesterday.

Russ McDonald:
Opening day here today in MN snow in the forecast tomorrow and Friday.  Very dry and brown here.  Just got some rain yesterday but they are still in very high fire danger.  Very little turkey activity

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