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Gyrfalcon ?


salt n sage90:
Spotted this out in a freshly tilled field in Bow.
I believe its a juvenile gyrfalcon which are pretty rare out here but spotted every now and again.
It didnt have the cheek patches to be a juvenile peregrine I dont think.
Sorry for the bad pic it was with my phone through a mini spotter.


Did you see it fly? The shape looks right for a Gyr, but that's a long ways off to see the wing shape.  Remember that the male Harrier gets whiter the longer it lives.  Pretty cool if it was a Gyr. I've only seen them a hand full of times on the East side during hard winters.

Angry Perch:
We have what I assume are Harriers in Sequim. Blunt head, and they cruise just a few feet above the field?


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