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Outfitting boat with new outboard max horsepower

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Got a 16.5 foot older blue fin boat (aluminum ) sold my boat during Covid and pick up if for a great deal itís completely open  I put one pedestal seat in and boys sit in camping chairs for now itís rated for a 90hp I wanna stick with a tiller motor and I got it with no motor  had a 30etec sitting and with 2 adults and very little gear gets ya up on a plain . I plain on pulling floor refoaming and setting up boat better this winter

My question is as I redo it . Max hp is 90hp and I feel like I should  set it up  at that just so I never a worry about hauling gear or worrying about being under powered. Lots of tiller options out there but lookin for opinions

If your budget permits then send it.  I had a 115 jet (so 30% loss due to jet) on a 17 ft heavy gauge welded North River Scout that pushed it along just fine.  I think a 90 with a prop will be plenty.  I would say 50 - 60HP would be the workable budget friendly option if your not looking to break the bank.

My last boat had a smallish outboard (40 on a 16í) for the weight. Found with 3 bigger guys and gear it would not get on the step. I put on a ĎPiranha Propí and while I lost a few top end mph it would get on the step and had a better hole shot even loaded down. I really liked what a gas sipper it was. Since I was using it 95% by myself it worked fine the vast majority of the time.
Changed to a different boat with 4 times the HP (175 on a 19í) and promptly ran it out of gas because the gauge did not read accurately and it sucks WAY more fuel. About twice the speed (could prop it for more) than the other one had, but that was not really why I bought it.
If I had it to do over I would stick with the lower HP powered boat and fill it up once a year instead of every other time I go out. The power is nice at times, but not for the fuel consumption trade off.

You'll be pleased with a 60. 4 stroke Yamaha or Zuk for efficiency and weight.

Appreciate the advice on trade off as far as fuel goes , and as well as go with what the budget allows , I donít want  it to be a slug either , might weigh it now. With average gear , then when I refoam , build a storage option or 2 reweigh and see the  difference. I  definitely want to stick with tiller as there is so much more room


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