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Test run before the big weekend!

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BBQ season is officially here.  What on your grill?

I did ribs on the Pit Boss for mother's day. Two racks, one a little Kansas and one more St. Louis. Spicy and not spicy basically. :tup:

I also did ribs for Mother's Day, doing short ribs today. I use my smoker or BBQ all year, no season for me.

 :tup:     :brew:

I love BBQ ribs. 

Now I need to source a pork butt for this weekend.  That and a couple spatchcocked chickens will be on the menu. 

I hope the weather holds, grilling in the rain isnít my favorite.

Russ McDonald:
I am going to live vicariously through you all.  My wife is going in for major surgery tomorrow.  Plus on a diet.  Usually do up ribs on the smoker and wild turkey jalepeno poppers. 

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