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Itís been a couple years since the last significant griddle cooking thread here. I picked up a Blackstone last week from a hunt wa member and got it all seasoned up(I think) and cooking. Made breakfast for 7 this morning on it. Think I did alright. First significant cook on it. I understand it gets better with time. Anybody got some amazing must-try recipes?

Mine was the portable with wheels.  2 years old.  I converted it to 5g propane tank and it still was junk imop.  Not enough gas to heat up enough.  Little bottles worked somewhat better.  I tore it apart and use the griddle and lid assembly on top of my Solo stove wood fire pit.  Works great!  Also those silicone rubber handles ARE flammable if hot enough.  Trust me. :twocents:

fowl smacker:
Smash burgers are some of our favorites, and the Benihana style fried rice.


--- Quote from: fowl smacker on June 02, 2024, 02:10:42 PM ---Smash burgers are some of our favorites, and the Benihana style fried rice.

--- End quote ---

Oklahoma smash burgers topped with crispy bacon and secret sauce on the buns.  Sometimes I'll add a spoonful of smoked bone marrow to each burger before topping with cheese.
The smell of the onions while cooking is mouth watering!

Nice 👍

Pork fried rice, Mexican street corn, and birrea tacos :drool:


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