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Big Georgia Whitetail

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This Deer was killed neer Sylvester, Ga.  When it was taken to the Deer Preocessor it weighed over 250.  It was shot at the end of the rut and all his ribs, hip bones, and back bone were very visable.  Befor the rut we figgure this deer weighed close to if not more than 300lbs.  The average buck weight in GA is between 175 and 230 lbs.  Here is a picture of the deer when it was brought to me!

Here are a few pictures of the deer after I mounted it!


Thats a great buck especially for one of those "little" Georgia fellas.   EXCELLENT mount by the way.

"Little" Georgia fellas!  Well I guess we make up for it in quantity.  In georgia a general season deer tag allows you to kill 12 deer.  You can shoot 10 does and 2 bucks.  One buck has to have 4 points on one side or better.  That is including the eye guard.  :P

You gotta love those liberal deer seasons back there!  My Aunt in Alabama wants me to come back and hunt on the old homestead.  You are allowed 3 deer a day in her county.  Between my Aunt and cousins, they have a couple of thousand acres of virtually unhunted timbered and crop land.

Nice mount, nice buck, I like the flair (is that correct?)  ??? pose, not often you see that in the wild. Thanks for sharing.


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