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This is a 16 point killed in Lee County, Georgia.  Not exactly sure what he scored but I would guess he gross scored in the 160's.

This Deer was nick named "Lumpy" for obvious reasons.  I am not sure exactly what happed to this deer.  When I received him he had a huge lump under his jaw.  When I capped him out I noticed their was a hole in the skin and the lump was almost entirely scar tissue.  The center of the scare tissure was full of puss.  I think the deer was stuck in the face with an antler whil fighting another deer.

Upon Customer request I rebuilt the lump under the skin and left it on the mount. 

These next two are just a few more nice deer take in Georgia.


All gorgeous mounts!  I need to work on my airbrush skills.  Or start developing them I should say.  I've mounted 4 whitetails, all turning out pretty poor now that I look back on them, especially compared to your skill.  Thats the fun thing about teaching yourself with your own animals. You learn as you go, and hope you improve on the next one.  I have no intentions of ever going commercial, so its just all for me anyhow.   My two biggest were back before I learned how to tuck the lips so as they look natural and would hold.  I also have ALOT to learn about ears.  The first three I did, I used the instant tan, or dry tan.  I imagine now that the life expectancy of those, probably aren't that great anyhow.  I guess I've done 5.  I did my Dads first whitetail.  That one probably turned out the best.  I still need to "Fix" and or piant the ears on my two biggest ones.  They are all split on me and I never finished them.  Again the learning curve.  I had the funnest time trying to learn how to skin the cartilidge out of the ears.  I've since went to bondo, then back to earliners as I figured out how to skin them.

Here is one of those whities.  My biggest issue with this fella was his mouth I wish I could fix.  I didn't shave the lips right, therefore not tucking them as I should.  I then used epoxi sculpt and sort of formed the mouth.  Looks OK from a distance, and most people don't notice, don't care, but it is something I would like to fix.

This guy needs all sorts of work, again with the mouth, and I REALLY need to fix and or paint his ears.


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