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A few more Custom Knife Samples...


These have been sold.

They represent a couple more design ideas.

This is a custom Caping Knife special requested! Sweet handling little knife! I may do more sometime later. It's a nice design.

I laid up this grip with a red carbon spacer, cocobolo scale, and smoothed bone scale. The nickle pins and the Mosaic pin are peened. Finished off with a mosaic lanyard tube.

Enjoy a couple angles of this one...





Next we have a favorite blade, with a little different twist. It's a Purpleheart scale on a red spacer. The inlay is Siberian Wooly Mammoth "bark" Ivory. Neat stuff. Handles like petrified antler. The steel has some custom shaping at the thumb and index.

Enjoy a few shots of this one...





Here's a photo on the last Damascus I did.. It's White Carbon, Cocobolo, and Moose Antler with Mosaic Pins and Mosaic Lanyard grommet.


If you'd like to special order a knife, just contact me. Check my web page for ideas and classes of blades and levels of builds.

Thanks Guys!


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