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This poll is only for Modern Firearm Big Game hunters. Others, please don't post.

Usually. 99% of the time, until I get to camp. 2006 elk hunt I finally broke down and put on my green Rubber rainsuit, screw the orange, way way way too much rain. This summer I bought an orange rubber rainsuit, guess what-no rain this year....

Too many drunk dumb asses not to where it.

are you talking about while you're actively hunting??
being thats its the law, i wear it 100% of the time while i'm hunting. if i'm tagged out,  i usually don't wear it.

If I'm hunting I wear it religiously if it is required for the state I'm in, such as here or Montana.  When I hunt Idaho I will still generally wear and orange ball cap, but do occasionally wear nothing but camo when hunting Idaho.


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