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I believe they would have to prove that you were hunting. Which in a nutshell has to do with intent to kill an animal. I suppose in a court of law that you would be vindicated unless someone thought you were capable of killing the animals with your treestand or binoculars. The problem is I would never let it get that far if I could avoid it either... I do agree that it would be much wiser and appropriate to just wear orange when you are accompanying another hunter and let them say and think what they want. I would have done the same thing as you did.

I hunt in the 448 and 460 during mod fire. I always wear my orange.  I have run into alot of mushroom pickers, though drunk were also wearing orange, to be seen.

 I have to admit I got stopped by the "Man" last day of season this year.  I narrowly avoided a fine for an "orange" violation.  The female ranger told me that I wasn't showing enough sq. inches of orange due to the pack I was wearing.  She let me slide cause I was on the road, had unloaded, and was on the way out.

Hunter Orange was instated to reduce the number of hunting related deaths and injuries.  In hindsight, it also in most states, increased the number of tags filled by successful hunters.  This was due to less crowding.

Ill take the good with the bad and wear my Orange everytime.


--- Quote from: Skycruiser on December 03, 2007, 09:08:33 PM ---This poll is only for Modern Firearm Big Game hunters. Others, please don't post.

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I posted usually due to bear and coyote hunting, otherwise always.


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