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--- Quote from: jackelope on December 04, 2007, 10:36:16 AM ---are you talking about while you're actively hunting??
being thats its the law, i wear it 100% of the time while i'm hunting. if i'm tagged out,  i usually don't wear it.

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Ditto Lope

ALWAYS!  Usually a little something bright in camp too.  Heck I put it on in when I'm grouse hunting, or even hiking in September or later.  To many idiots out there. 

Not in camp. But as long as I have rounds chambered I'z Orange. I like that tip about wearing it for Autum hikes. Think I'll try that.


--- Quote from: MikeWalking on December 04, 2007, 02:20:55 PM --- I like that tip about wearing it for Autum hikes. Think I'll try that.

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The ANTI'S will hate you. They might even let the air out of your tires. :chuckle:

If required by law, I wear it while I am out of the vehicle, and I have a weapon on my persons.

Not trying to highjack the thread here, but how do you guys feel about everyone in the woods during any modern firearm hunting season, being required to wear it?  The reason I ask is because opening day of elk season this year, my friend and I are less than 40yds off a National Forest trail, guttin our elk, when we had first a jogger go by, then 4 guys on mountain bikes, and then eventually a group of senior citizens go hiking by....none of them wearing any bright colors, all dark colors.  I had one of the old ladies start to give me some crap, and I told her, Look lady, this is opening day of rifle elk hunting. We only get 9 days to hunt, so maybe they should pick a different day to hike if they were worried about getting shot...or better yet, since none of you have any bright colors or hunter orange on, maybe you should just get your *censored*es out of here, if your worried about getting shot, becuase we aren't the only two hunters up here...and some of the others might have a tendency to just shoot at any movement, thinking your an elk."  She looks at me and sez, well, we don't get nice days like this all the time.  I just looked at her, yelled PICK A DIFFERENT DAY, LADY!!!" and turned around and started walking back to finish quarterin the elk.


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