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--- Quote from: Iceman on December 21, 2007, 05:22:41 PM ---
I totally agree. Somehow more trash dumpers need to get busted. Maybe some good press where a target shooter turns in trash dumpers..... I have thought that maybe hunting organizations could hide some trail cams or video at popular trash dumping sites, get some plates, and let law enforcement do their work.

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I agree. I used to hunt up on Clearlake hill go up saturday then go up on sunday and there would be a different pile of garbage out in the woods, I really have a hard time believing that it is hunters doing it maybe I am wrong.



Doggone it smdave, wasn't blaming YOU, I was making a point.

Quite a bit of the garbage we find in the woods IS from hunters, and target shooters. If we are to police anybody, we have to start with ourselves, and our felow shooters.

Its like poaching, its not anti-hunters that are poaching, its HUNTERS. Isn't that a great example??? Honest and to the point.

We have to first be able to say something to our own family members, our dads, our brothers, even our best friends. We have to at least be strong enough to let them know where we stand. Its a start, and maybe it will help.

Watcha think???

And they are good points,  :),

I do not agree with anyone leaving garbage in the woods. I think we are on the same page.

I just do not think any hunter says hey lets take this refridgerator into the woods and shoot it. the same with the car in the gravel pit upside down and burned, it is all stuff that is dumped there and then when some people go out to shoot they say hey why not shoot it.

Yes I agree that a larger percentage of hunters are probably the poachers, but this new WAC washington code is about the use of land for target shooting.

In this area, for example, I find good and bad. Both hunters, and non-hunters.

You see, I've built two differant shooting ranges on state land. One I can get to 850 yards, the other I can only get to 500 (but am hoping to push it to 1200 yards). I've removed all the brush, kept it groomed, built the target stands, supplied the materials. Most that I come into contact with, I explain that I have no problem with anybody using it, just that they keep their garbage picked up.

But I've had the wood used for the target stands shot up, the fasteners (like fender washers, nuts/bolts, etc.) stolen (more than once, mind you), the steel targets that I wanted to leave (set up time kills me!), also stolen.

I've hauled loads of garbage off, like garbage, old milk jugs, bottles, ect. ect.

Its like an infection....when somebody comes to a gravel pit to shoot, and finds garbage there, they think its ok to just leave their own garbage on top.

Heres a crazy story. By one of my home-built ranges there is a small gravel pit, and inside it one day was a white jeep, a guy, and his girl friend.
They were setting up beer bottles, so I stop and ask him, "excuse me,...what are you doing.." he says hes setting them up for a bit of fun... I said "I see", I then explained to him that this area is state land, yes, and that deer regularly come through that area, and that they might get injured running through there. Then I asked if he was going to pick up the mess when done....he said yes. Now look, he had over 300 brown bottles, he must have known somebody who owned a bar or something...who knows, but I'll tell you what, I've never been dumb enough to believe he was going to get every single piece of glass out of there, hell, I didn't believe he was going to pick any of it up.
I drove up the road a bit, then called the sheriff who called me back and said the guy was gone, and no bottles in sight, nor broken glass.
Did I ruin that guys fun? You bet your ass I did, but if you want that kind of fun, set up at the dump where it doesn't matter. Not in the animals living room.

My point, that guy said he hunted that area.....doens't that just kill 'ya? 

If you look at how much money the state pays for horse trails, motocross trails, hiking trails, bicycling trails, parking lots etc.... I have always argued that they need to spend an equal share of cash on putting in some designated shooting areas. Maybe a stell roof over some tables, long shooting lanes, post the area, concrete slab at all target sigts to make clean up easy...  Aint going to happen.

Besides, you build something like this, it will get burned, shot up and destroyed, plus, all the felons or anyone with a warrant will shoot elsewhere and just trash those areas.


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