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Has anyone ever done a full body bear mount?

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coot man:
Preparing to do a full body bear mount, have got all the measurements, and preparing to buy form (walking on all fours), hide paste, eyes, etc...  Was curious to know if anyone has done this before and any precautions they might offer prior to starting.  I will post pictures when its done, possibly as I go (assuming it goes smooth).  Any advice would be appreciated. 

That is quite a project!  Is this your first attempt at taxidermy, as in mounting an animal?  I have done several life size animals and you are lucky if everything fits right.  Are you repared to make modifications to the form?

Bear are quite a challenge.  If you are not used to tanning or handling hides, you may want to send it off to be tanned.  Their greasy nature makes it more difficult than say a deer.  Fun adventure though and the only way to learn is to do it.  I wish you luck.  Make sure you have some bondo on hand for modifications of the form in case you have to shorten a limb or something.  Michelle is correct about they rarely fit properly.  Lookin ofrward to your pics.

Yes, I will also be looking for pics and updates on this project.

coot man:
Thanks for the helpful tips and thoughts.  I will have to make sure I get some bondo.  As far as taxidermy experience, I have mounted several ducks and geese, and assisted on some head mounts, but no life size mounts as of yet. I've worked part time for a while for a local taxidermist.  So I have a few resources if needed. The bear has been commercially tanned and has been resoaked and stretched for "proper measurements" :dunno: I'm sure the mount will not be competition quality, but I'm excited and nervous to start such a project.  And I will post some pictures when its done.j

Thanks again for all thoughts and tips.


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