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Has anyone ever done a full body bear mount?

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Its  a fun undertaking and will be very satisfying when done.

How big is this bear?  Be careful not to over streach the bear when you are measuring it.  If you over streach the length the girth will shrink.  You over streach the girth and the hight will shrink.  I hope you understand what I am saying.  If you over streach both while measuring it will look like your bear is bigger than it realy is.

coot man:
The bear was just shy of six ft from nose to tail when I skinned him.  But after the tan he is about 5'5".  I completely understand what you are saying about stretching length will shorten girth.  Good Point.  These are the types of things I am look to learn prior to starting.  Thanks guys!

Tanning is going to shrink any hide!  You need to streach the hide once it comes back from the tannery.  Which tannery did you send the bear too?  Did you get girth and length measurments befor you skinned the animal? 


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