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Hey Everyone! I'm New

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Hey Everyone,
I'm new to the site! Nice to meet you all! I am 16 and have been hunting since I was 9 with my daddy. My first kill was a 550 lb boar and I've hunted many other game form deer, waterfoul, turkey and elk! Though, I haven't been luck enough to drop an elk yet.  :bash:
I look forward to chattin it up with ya'll!

Well I'm not a lady and probably not even a gentleman though I try, WELCOME!   :hello:  I'll probably pick your brain every now and again as I have a flock of chicks of my own about ready to start hunting. 

welcome to the site 243...bone is right...he isnt a gentleman....

theres none left in the world!

great to see a younger female that hunts bc of dad instead of a boyfriend/husband. Boyfriends and husbands can be replaced but dad is dad forever!

welcome to the site...   now post some pics on this thread of you with some of your hunting!



 hey are a lucky girl to have a dad who took you hunting......and cool on the big have any pics of that?  We love stories so feel free to tell us all about your hunts....

welcome to board

 :hello: Welcome to the site 243, would love to see pics of the boar hunt if you have them. :hello:


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