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How to bone-out a deer tutorial with pictures

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6. Next, go to the ribs and separate them somewhere in the middle and reach in and locate the heart. (On a bigger animal, just kick the ribs to loosen them apart.) The heart is in a thin membrane sack that you will need to cut open first. Once out of this membrane, pull it up far enough to cut it loose and pull it out. Donít be squeamish on this. The heart is good meat and if you donít want it to eat as sandwich meat, then cut it up and put it in the hamburger pile. If you use it as sandwich meat, boil it up with spices and a couple bay leaves. I promise it to be the finest lunch meat you can put on bread and Iím not joking.

7. As far as the front leg: there is no wrong way to de-boning it. Just get the meat off and into the hamburger pile. I donít really like de-boning a front leg. It is more tedious.

8. The hind leg: this is really neat and you will like this. Lay the leg down with the inside facing up. Now identify the knee and the joint. Imagine a line between them and then cut to the bone (the bone follows this line). Cut around the bone while leaving the roasts all intact together. The hock on the lower part of the leg can come off later. When you get all the roasts off the leg, they will be conveniently attached to each other. Put it in a game bag (I use pillow cases) and pack it out of the woods all intact like this.
Later, when you are ready to cut it up, lay it down and you can separate all the roasts from each other easily. You may not be able to tell the difference between the rump roast and the round roast, or the sirloin, but it doesnít matter. As long as you cut it off the bone correctly, you can separate them and cut them up as roasts or steaks later. If you use a butcher to process the meat, they will know exactly what they have. The roasts separate naturally and easily from the inside.

Tip: if you freeze them as a whole roast, you can later cut them into steaks. You cannot reverse this if you cut them up as steaks first so package them as roasts and you will have the option to turn them into steaks later if you wish. I only use the back strap as steaks. I use the roasts in a corned meat recipe. Another tip: get a Jaccard meat tenderizer for the steaks. Those things are worth their weight in gold!

9. Now look at this next picture and I want you to notice that I didnít have to gut it out. You wonít either when you do it this way. Gutting it out isnít necessary. Isnít that cool?

Total time from start to totally boned-out Ė 1 hour and 4 minutes on this deer. This method will save you a lot of time if you utilize it.
Alright, I admit, I have butchered over a thousand big game animals but anyone can get the hang of this real quick.

OK, last post on this. What do you think? Any questions?

Good hunting - Axle

good write up.

couldn't you have blurred out the gore parts?? lol just kidding

sweet deal.

that is some great info and great pictures. i am sure someone will get some use out of it


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