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Has anyone been on Roosevelt? Anywhere it does not matter to us we just want beta for this coming weekend. We were planning on the area Hawk Creek or Fort Spokane etc., but it really does not matter because we live near enough to go anywhere suggested. Thanks, Sisu

Ft. Spokane usually fishes pretty hot right now.  I haven't been out there lately, but there is always a regatta out there.  Are you after trout or Walleye?  I would think the Walleye would be starting to move.

We are after anything that will bite and fight.

I was on Rufus woods yesterday, I landed a two trips one 5 lbs one 6 lbs floating bait through the eddies...it was actually fairly fast action....so Roosevelt should be good as well.

Had a ball on Roosevelt. We got into some small mouth action using different plugs tossed against the vertical basalt. Next time I want to try my luck with using my bass flies. As a kid in Yooper Land I used to have a ball with flies and spiny fish.
The dogs were nervous as hell. Our couch potato, Aurora, wants to stay dry and warm and Gus is new to it all. First thing he did was abandon ship in just as we passed under the bridge from Spokane Arm into Lake Roosevelt. I broke my ring finger getting him on board. Not a bad break but broken just the same.

After a day of fun and screw ups we decided that the new boat needs to be called The Floating Circus. If you ever see us out there you'll understand. We are out for fun and games all the time. If I can't laugh at myself then I need a kick in the butt.


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