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Recreational shooter restrictions

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just wondering if your as quick to call enforcement on those quad and atv riders, riding off-road, and illegally up there, as you are someone up there plinkin'?  those are the guys that piss me off more than the plinkers...

It sounds good to me. If people want to shoot they should join a club. But I do wonder if Capitol Forest is included in these new rules, as it is not Dept. of Fish and Wildlife land. The rules apply to "state land controlled by the Department of Fish & Wildlife." It is unclear to me whether this means land owned by the state Dept. of Natural Resources.

Have to agree with Iceman and Bearhunter59.

I have no problem with it, unless they go buck wild and start posting ALL state land as no shooting.

Ranges can be very troublesome.
In my area, the nearest range for rifles/handguns is a 45minute drive away. On top of that, it is ALWAYS crowded and I have to pay EXTRA fee's since I'm a resident of another county. Tell me how this is fair!
They also do not let my bring my own targets, which means I have to over-pay for THEIR targets. I see a LOT of unsafe actions at this range, as well. Lest we forget that they are rarely open during hours I can use--except for just prior to deer season, which is obviously too crowded to get ample use.

We've been lobbying to get a range open in my area, and it keeps getting shut down.

How is this fair?
Now I can't shoot on state land, I can't afford to time/hassle/cost of shooting at the only open range (that isn't even near-by), these crazy hippies/yuppies keep shutting down our attempts at getting an official range onpen, and there are very few other area's that I can SAFELY shoot.

This is just one more way for the goobermint to further control us law abiding gun owners.

Shooters need to realize that the goverment is the stove and we are the frogs.
If they slowly turn up the heat they can expect us to stay in the water until we're finally cooked and dead. They know if they try and throw us in boiling water right off, we'll just jump out and fight back.
Slowly buy surely they take away our rights, one little piece at a time, hoping we don't notice.

Before you know it, it'll be illegal to shoot on ALL public land. Official ranges will be taxed to death and forced to close. Ammunition will be taxed to the point we cannot afford to shoot. But they'll let us keep our guns....  >:(

The problem with shooters is that they are so divided in their beliefs.
Some shoot "tactical" shotguns and semi-auto black rifles....while the purist/hunting crowd sees those firearms as useless.
The high-dollar guys are against "saturday night special" guns while for others, that's all they can afford.

United we could crush any attempt against us, but divided into the groups we are currently in....we don't have much of a chance.

With society the way it is today, and the upcoming elections (I know I am scared!) we are on the road to:

Call me over the top. Call me crazy. But I see the signs.


--- Quote ---just wondering if your as quick to call enforcement on those quad and atv riders, riding off-road, and illegally up there, as you are someone up there plinkin'?
--- End quote ---

Has nothing to do with plinkers. The problem is the guys that run up there with a couple thousand rounds and they start shooting away, at everything. The guys that are useing the semi or full autos to shoot up tv's, pumpkins and bottles. The same ones that shoot signs, posts and trees. The ones that shoot a couple cases of shotgun shells and leave the hulls and targets for everyone to see.


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