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Here are my two cents.  I personally think it can be a good thing if it is better managed.  I vote for it being bad as of now.  I originally thought it was good, my dad is a "master hunter".  I just can't see justification to have a season that runs from August 1st through January 1st (not quite sure those are correct), but a very long season.  I dont agree with the issuing of two tags if you are successful on the first kill, one should be enough. 

Within upper Kittitas county there aren't many places that elk can cause harm to agriculture land because there is very little of it.  People are killing elk that 1) are most likely not the cause of land degredation and 2) killing them in areas that don't even border lands in which the elk could cause harm to.  I believe the unit is 3911 and has really increased.  The elk have too much pressure on them from August through January.  Just think of the energy expenditure that they must endure, their energy reserves are being decreased from people constantly pressuring them through winter activities and hunting purposes.

I see this program as a great way to manage the elk that due cause the land degradation problems,in those specific areas of emphasis, I think they should really reduce the hunting zones.  I would like to see master hunters only be able to kill elk or deer that are on landowners properties that have continuous land degradation due to wildlife. 

Bad.....not the people, but the program as stated previously, could be executed much better. 

I guess just yesterday, 5 or 6 Game wardens were writing tickets, taking weapons, and elk from guys that were shooting elk from the road and in the Ginko forest. Nice job guys  :tup: Way to help out the image of the rest of us. I've been in the program a long time, not sure I like all the change in requirements, but something has to change.

I went through the program a while ago, and expected much more.  I have only been hunting deer/elk since '95 and thought it might help me get a jump on better areas, opportunities, and sharpen my hunting skills. 

They send you a bunch of pamphlets and photocopies of literature from around the states.  Most things I already knew, but the habitat, biology, and ethics sections were good.  I have also applied for the AHE tags every year but have only drawn once in 5 years- it was a 'we'll call you if we need you' hunt, and the phone never rang.  I have also hunted extensively in 3911, YTC, and surrounding areas all season (aug-jan) will no luck.  Very little public area available to hunt- and I scoured the ownership maps for a long time.  It was TOUGH getting permission from private owners- even in the off months.  It seemed people didn't care if you were AHE, VIP, CIA, BFD,.... all they hear is 'elk' and 'hunting' and consider it bad juju (maybe it was my old Nader for Prez hat I was wearing, or my cut-off Bellevue Rocks t-shirt??).  I've read some bad stories of prosecuted AHE poachers (EWash Locals even) so the bad rep doesn't suprise me.

The volunteer part was really good - spent some time with the local RMEF chapter out of Wooley improving habitat up the Nooksack.  That was fun- and met a great group of people.

It would be a GREAT program for anyone who knows property owners in the Kittitas, Wenas, and Yakima areas, or if you are new to hunting and didn't grow up learning about hunting/habitat/ethics from your dad or Grandpa (like me).

I am glad I did it, but don't think I'm going to waste any of my 4 draw choices on those AHE tags anymore.


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