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--- Quote from: billythekidrock on January 23, 2008, 04:31:48 PM ---I think that most of the folks that have done it are good people. The program is flawed and will be a very exclusive club in the future. I think the idea is good but the execution could be alot better.

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Is this the Master Hunter Certification but with a new name?

Billy,I bold and underlined a section of your statement what does it mean? In other words can you explain this because I am lost sometimes by all the stuff that goes around in this state with regards to game laws, titles etc.

The Advanced Hunter Education (AHE) program was started to teach hunters to be good stewards. To help educate the public and set a good example and it was open to everyone. They have since changed the name to Master Hunter Certification and to me the name says it all. Arrogance! Who in their right mind would call themselves a "Master Hunter"? The program actually teaches very little about hunting so maybe AHE wasn't a good name either, but anyway. Now the program has upped the requirements in many areas which will exclude many from finishing the course.

I know of one guy that has done it that is a GOOD GUY. Heck that would be me. :chuckle:

I did the program two years ago.  Havent been drawn for any of the permits I put in for, which is disappointing.  But no regrets on my part.

Drop Tine:
I went through the program 4years ago. In that time frame I have harvested 6 elk very rewarding when I look in the freezer. The first one was out of a hay field the rest taken on public land which were very rewarding hunts. So if they pump the requirements up a bit so be it, count me in.         :hunter: :EAT:


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