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Mortgage Hunter:
Thanks to everyone who visited us at the WA Sportsmen's Show in Puyallup last week.  It was really nice to put names to a faces and get to meet you in person.  If you were'nt able to make it to the show, come check us out at the Evergreen Sportsmen's Show in Monroe (February 21st - 24th).  This show has grown alot over the last couple of years, and I look forward to seeing you!


Thanks for the free publicity. Gosh we are even kind of close to Cabelas  :rolleyes:  :chuckle:

Hope things are working out well for you.


Thanks. Are you gonna be at the Big Horn Show? I'll probably framing a house in a remote location so I won't be in state but if you are here good luck. Scott

Mortgage Hunter:
No, I'm not doing the Big Horn Show this year ....Maybe next year! 


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