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26 LB Catfish

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Wished I had a picture of it but did not have my camara at the time. FYI, it looks as if the big boys are moving around a bit at Lake Terrell in Whatcom county. We usually see about 5-6 or a year in this range with a bunch in the 5-6 lb range.

This big one was caught right off the main boat launch dock.. I'll try and get a picture of the next one I run across.

Hey if you have any info on good cat fishing in whatcom and skagit i am all ears.  Whats the average out of that lake. 

not really sure the average, but they range from a few pounds to almost 30lbs... Not that many folks actually target them they run across them incidentally. I know of one guy that would only use green power bait 14" of the bottom and did quite well one year.


Was it Fred that caught the "Big One"? He liked to use a big gob of orange PowerBait for the catfish, as well.


no,,,,I havent seen Fred in a couple of years... It sure is nice out there. When you coming back to wet a line?


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