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Finally got out for lings a few days ago.  Had one break me off and i landed this one. 

Best eatin fish ever! Looks like the weather was nice. Where did ya go?

Cool and congrats!  
I took a kid and his dad out in the south sound today.  We got one ling (about 6-7 lbs) and a few rockies.  We finished the day out with several silvers (20-24") and a few really nice cutts.  It was pretty good fishing until the wind picked up.  The kid was really dissapointed that we had to throw back the cutts, especially one that was pushing 3 1/2 lbs.  Lots of fun though!

 Looks like Deception/ San Juans area, nice day -never a bad one fishin. Had to throw one back 7lbs 25.5 inches last weekend.

Man those are some ugly looking fish. :o

Always a good day when you on the water or in the woods.   Even if you don't get anything.


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