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Finally got out

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you could take a few of us wetsiders out too ;)  ;)  ;)

i'll just follow with my boat (and GPS)

Well lings closed up on the 15th but i will be out in area 9 tomorrow for some cabezon.  I will be out there alot in July after the opener in area 9 for hatchery kings.  If we dont meet up, pm me before you go and i can point you in some direction.  And if you are lucky Jackelope i will send you toward a couple of these monster lings.   :P

i'm hoping that area 9 king fishery is a good one. should be...blackmouth was great so i expect to be out there. hopefully the seals will leave us alone this time...what kind of boat will you be in??
i'll let you know when we head out.

Jackelope we hooked four kings going for cabezon today.  3 out of the 4 were hatchery.  I cant wait to beable to start keeping them. 

jigs??? sweet. way to go.
check your pm's


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