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Finally got out

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I hate when they are that close to the limit and have to toss them.  Mine was just barely over.  We went out of Possession.  Hopefully heading back out in a few days.

Two from last week.

My buddy caught this one out of possesion on his second drop.

This one came off the pier while we put our boat on the trailor.  Wasnt expecting a 29 incher from the pier.

 That's a lot of fish and chips  ;)

Those look to be about 8-10 lbs each? I fish the jetty at Westport and that is what the 30 inchers weigh.

I use to love to fish off of the jetty at Westport!  We would catch a greenling, hook it about 4 feet under a surf bobber and let him do the work.  I caught a 22 lb ling out past the green bouy and had one hell of a time getting it in across the rocks.  I almost lost my Dad to those rocks hiking out one wet morning.  I havent done that in probably 10-12 years.  Is it still worth fishing?


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