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 The "Sandyman"

 Nootka 2006

Sheeeeit, if post a picture of my fishing hunting boat you guys would laugh.
We named it this weekend...The Floating Circus. 1860 Lowe Roughneck

Dman, were you camping at Ft. Spokane Saturday and Sunday? If not there was an exact replica of your boat camped close to ours.

Here is a couple of mine.  We also have a 34' Tollycraft Tri-Cabin and a couple of smaller boats that are great for ponds and little lakes.
This is my bass/gotta git there fast boat.

This is my work/fish/crabbin/beat the crap out of it/whatever boat.  The kids call it the "Big Ugly"!

 Sisu, laughs, no it wasn't me, though that model and color are the most popular. I wish I had a picture of my first boat from about 4 years ago, it was a 14' skiff that we patched up with fiberglass resin. I actually ran it up to Sekiu, though I realize how nuts that was now.

 Bear, which boat will you be crabbin with on the opener?

Dman, I dont know yet.  It all depends on my mood and whether I am going to troll for salmon as well.  I have a new 4 stroke 8hp Yamaha kicker for the work boat and it fishes a lot better than the Skeeter in the sound.  I took the fugly to Neah Bay right after I put it together many moons ago and actually took it out past Tatoosh for lings.  It worked ok until the tide changed and we were all of a sudden in monster swells.  My next boat is going to be more like yours!!!  I need a good all around aluminum fishin' machine!  How do you like it?


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