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Microstamping bill introduced at National Level

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(insert mulitple obscenities here) If people figured out how to drill out serial numbers after the FBI learned how to raise filed off numbers? How easy will it be to defeat this?

 :o Bloody hell I have been busy sending out messages to elected officals today. :o

Microstamping and other technologies aren't the answer. Guns don't kill people THUGS DO. Fiddling with TOOLS wont change the mindset of certain groups that crime and murder are legitimate options.

Large segments of our culture are out of control. Any ideas?


--- Quote from: Iceman on February 10, 2008, 04:45:36 AM --- :puke: :puke: :puke:

--- End quote ---

I agree.  These damn liberal democrats make me feel like  :puke: also. 

Another reason why I continue to keep my NRA membership up to date.


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