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Any one know what this is?

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We drug this up in a net in Alaska, the Bering sea if I remember correctly. It was about 8 ft long, missing most of its (very small) scales, had thick rubber skin and the head was partially removed from the gill area. I know what they told us it was, but that name is also the name of another fish. So what do ya think?

Here is another strange fish. I caught this one in Dutch, in front of the Grand Aulutian. It looked like a cross between a bullhead/cabazon and a kelp greenling, but it was black with red motling and bubblegum blue inside the mouth as well as around the mouth.

Sorry for the blurry photo, it is a digital photo of an actuall photo.

Dang.....ugly lookin little snappers.  I don't have a clue.  That first one looks like something out of the deep blue.

 1st one I'd guess to be Dorado/ Dolphin AKA Mahi Mahi -very rare for that area. 2nd I'd guess to be a Ling/ Cabby freak of nature...

No way on the mahi mahi, they are almost cute on the face, not that grotesque thing unless I am seeing that wrong.  Different mouth completely.

Def. not mahi mahi. i've seen them up close and personal :)
i have no idea.


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