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2010 Bowfishing Tourneys


Hey Guys and Gals,

It's that time of year again that us bowfishing enthusiasts start getting ready for the season.  Just wanted to drop a quick note as I did last year in case any of you out there are interested in shooting tournaments this year.  Currently I know of 6 tournaments between Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  Check out www.pnwbowfishing.net for information and a calendar of events or you can email me at washingtonbowfishing@hotmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.  Bowfishing tournaments are a ton of fun with a really great group of guys!


as the local bowfishing freak, i plan to be there at the wa shoot. if my arm is not to sore from the warm ups  :chuckle: :IBCOOL: :chuckle: always hard to get away from hay harvest :bash: been keepin me away :bash:

Hey Carpsniper, don't wear yourself out too much on warmups.  Besides the Moses Lake tournament June 19th-20th, we are also holding a tournament in Tri-Cities August 7th-8th.  The Tri-Cities tournament will be a Biggest 20 fish per day format while the Moses Lake tourney is total weight.

I like your name by the way!

thanks you might of seen a few of my videos if you know many people in the industry. i shoot some for innerloc and bowfishing extreme. am also a memeber of bowfishing counrty even though this site is were i hang out more lol. i like the 20 fish setup the best myself.

Ha!  Small world!  My cousin and I joined the Bowfishing Extreme Pro-Staff this year and Innerlocs are the only thing we'll shoot anymore.  Have you been to the Moses Lake tourney before?

The Big 20 fish format was certainly the most popular response we got back from the survey email we sent out.


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