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WA court: Farmer had right to shoot cherry-picking elk

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Pretty narrow point of view Iceman. You must have never been a farmer. In addition, we (taxpayers) pay to feed Elk too. Make the elk go where the food is, that should be more equittable

Killbilly, I may very well have a narrow point of view on the topic, and you are correct that I have never been a farmer,but, my point is this: Where will it end?

OK, we build fences for every single farmer in the state to make sure that we are fair, and treat all farmers equally. They ask, we build. Fences to keep out any deer from any farm anywhere. All farms. Fences to keep elk out. Fences to keep coyotes out so they dont get my chicken or calves, or sheep. Birds take a huge toll on fruit growers, so netting for all of them. Mice eat millions of tons of grain each year. Mouse proof all the farms. All of them.

How in the hell are we going to decide who gets what? My pockets are only so deep! When will farmers take responsibility for themselves and make their own fences? This is a legitimate question? How do you decied who gets the fence? And what happens when someone else wants the fence, but didn't get one? Can any farmer kill and waste anything that eats off his land? Is this ok with you? So if I buy land in Lewis county, and the damned elk keep eating the salal and huckelberry bushes on my property can I shoot and keep them? How about bear eating my blackberries? This OK too? *censored*..., why hunt, just buy land, or a farm, and screw the season.

Two great posts in a row Iceman!  ;)


--- Quote ---Excess staff?  Apparently they don't have anyone available to send out my master hunter package.   Was told the one person that does that is out on extended family emergency.  A freind sent his in at same time and got his, guess I just missed the boat.   Patience is a virtue.
--- End quote ---

I fully understand. The last 4 days I have been in automated/answering machine hell. Half the listed numbers for AHE and Hunter Ed no longer work and the other half go to automated messages with no "zero out", just an automated thank you or good bye. What a pain in the butt. I ended up calling the Directors office and talked with a lady to really tried to help, but she kept coming up with numbers that have recently changed. I find it interesting that they changed the numbers to AHE right when they over haul the program. :bash:

Here are a couple of the numbers that I tried.
902-8111 auto message
902-8424 auto message
902-8410 "message box not set up" message
902-8113 No longer working, Miks old number?
902-8413 just rang, no answer
902-8408 Mik's new number, but out of the office and they did not connect me
902-8413 Mike Kuttle (sp?) message machine, did not leave a message as I was too angry to talk by this time.


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