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Two men ticketed for taking home a road-kill doe

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I read this on Sat in the Olympian, but found it online, with more to the story here

Two men ticketed for taking home a road-kill doe
Friday, February 15, 2008
By JUSTIN CARINCI and JOHN BRANTON, Columbian staff writers

The state sanctions hunting deer with bows and rifles during narrow windows each fall. There’s no season for hunting deer by automobile.
Two men in Vancouver’s Rose Village neighborhood were ticketed Feb. 10 for taking home a road-kill doe. Michael D. Dinwiddie, 25, and Brian L. Johnson, 52, both of Vancouver, each received a $152 ticket.
Officer Mark Hart with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife said the men picked up the deer Feb. 10, although it wasn’t clear what day it had died.
The eyes were sunken in and the carcass had begun to smell, Hart said.
The charge, officially “possession of wildlife found dead,” exists to discourage poaching, Hart said. “It’s mainly to deter people’s excuses for having any animal that’s not in season.”
That goes for animals that have no season, as well. People sometimes pick up dead raptors to have them stuffed, Hart said.
The department makes exceptions for animals hit during their season. But even then, the automobile hunter isn’t necessarily in the clear.
A hunter wanting to take home a road-kill deer must have a valid license and a deer tag. Even then, the hunter must call Fish and Wildlife first, Hart said.
“We’ll give permission sometimes,” he said.
In this lean season, licensed hunters may aim for cottontail and snowshoe hare until March 15. Coyotes and bullfrogs may be killed year-round, bullfrogs without a license.

I disagree with this BS. I've taken a fair share of game that was in fair to midland condition in my day. Best eating deer I ever had was a July yearling back in Yooperland. We hung it skinned it and had one hell of a BBQ inviting all the lake neighbors for venison and beer

Yeah but would you pick one up that was starting smell? What were they thinking????


--- Quote from: M_ray on February 17, 2008, 11:45:56 AM ---Yeah but would you pick one up that was starting smell? What were they thinking????

--- End quote ---
Maybe they spent time in Subic, Philippines and have become olfactory challenged. :chuckle: :chuckle:

 :chuckle: :chuckle: That would do it for sure, Korea in late summer as well...


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