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Figured I'd throw a coupla' pictures up from opening day a couple weeks ago.  Rather than battling the crowds I took em' up to Lake Goodwin which is open year-round, and hold some pretty decent trout.  My dad lives out on the Penisula.  Chance to get the boat wet a little and catch a few off the dock as well.

First pic is of my son Hunter, his first fish in the boat......

This is of my middle daughter Peyton....wasn't so sure about holding it.

This is of my oldest daughter Kylee.....she at least used the stick.

I think they ended up with 9 of em'.  Threw em' in the smoker and there ya go.

no pics??
they aren't showing up for me.

Me either, but would love to see them.

 I've never done that before  :bash: :bash: :bash:

 Leif, your Intruder pic didn't take either.

great pic's
thanks for sharing. thats what it's all about and i can't wait.


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