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Rules for the thread:
* Post up a eulogy, a few words about your dog, or just a photo.  Please limit the photos to one.
* I will go through and eliminate comments every so often, this is a memorial to remember our friends.
That is it.  Hopefully, this will help us remember our dogs, and the great times we had with them.

Hagen (1995-2011)

Intelligent, athletic, good nose, and a great hunting companion through my college years and beyond.  I had him longer than my wife.  He has been a protector of kids, an upland bird machine for pheasants and quail, and faithful despite all of my missed birds.   I couldn't have asked for a better dog.

Hagen - Age 12 at time of photo

Old Dog:

Hubba Ding Ace  1991-2007 RIP

Ace was my first pedigreed hunting dog.  We hunted together for 12 years before he retired. I wore out several pairs of boots following the "Old Dog".

Skeeter.......I miss you buddy. 

BLR 243:
Lots of pheasants fell to Mrs Pepper.


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