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Bridger 1997 - 2010

I lost my loyal hunting buddy to old age right before Thanksgiving this year.  He now rests behind the house in our CRP overlooking the Palouse.  Two roosters flushed from 30 feet away as I finished with the burial.  It was a fitting tribute that he would have thoroughly enjoyed...

Team Baze:
Maddie Dog- Nov 1997- Dec 11 2010.

First of all the best dog ever!!!!, Great family dog, good hunting dog back in her days, great salmon fishing partner. You could walk Maddie with out a leash and she would stay by your side at all times. While camping she would have to go to the bathroom at night and the only thing I needed to do was to unzip the tent she would go out on her own and not wonder do her thing and then come back in the tent, if only I could have taught her to zip and unzip the tent. We would leave her in the backyard during summer and when we would get home guess who would be on the front porch? Neighbors said she had been sitting there all day not wondering around.

Maddie Girl you will be missed!!!!!

Otis 1995 to 2007 She was a puppy mill bitch. I thought I really messed up not doing my recearch on small type Labs. Someone put me in touch with a trainer named Brook. He helped make Otis the retierver I could have. She was a nice bird dog. Gone almost four years now. She died doing what she loved (lying on the cool concrete slab)

GUNNER you will be missed. you were my best friend and the best hunting partner a man could ask for. I will never forget the days spent in the field.

His paw print from the death certificate, same font from his collar and the light shading in the tat is a little mixture of his ash in the ink..

I am gonna break the rules and add two photos...


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