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Whenever I see this thread pop back up my heart immediately sinks. Great looking dog! RIP

Coal Train looked to have had a good life, and a good owner.  Nothing worse than losing a dog.  I am sorry for your loss.

The parts I read, but RIP all the dogs.

Not a thread i ever want to post in, but it happens.

We had to make that call for the oldest of our 3 labs, Echo. She was just shy of 15 and one of the best Labs we have had. She had a full life mothering 9 pups, mentoring 2 other labs, swimming/fetching machine, ATV rides, camping, duck hunting, and just an overall AWESOME friend.
 :'( I miss ya sweet girl.  :'(

Never an easy thing, but looks like a great dog that lead an amazing life, 15 is old for any dog few labs make it that long. Clearly great home life. Love the pictures too!!


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