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Bow fishing is a ton of fun! and great way to warm up the muscles for the upcoming hunting seasons. there are many routes you can go to get started. A lot people have a old bow laying around that can be easily turned into a bow fishing bow. Or you can buy a bow built for bow fishing. these bows have minimum let off, and can be snap shot like a traditional bow. One of the most popular bows used for bow fishing is mad by Oneida. They offer a hybrid style bow that gives you the let off of a compound and the ability to shoot it like a recurve as well. the ospreys is there top selling bow fishing bow. Other companies such as pse/browning and a few others make bow fishing designated bow’s. The best way to get into the sport weather you have a bow or are going to buy one is to get a package setup ready to add to your bow. basic packages that consist of a drum style wrap reel, with arrow and rest. They can be found on the net for around 35.00-50.00 . Kits can be found that use spin cast reels, you just push the button before the shot to be able to shoot just like you were going to cast. Muzzy makes a great package with a spin cast reel they run 60.00-110.00. The best kits out there, that I like and use are made by AMS bow fishing. I also feel is the safest reel on the market. They run from about 115.00-160.00. Most of the kits come with the reel/rest/arrow's and line. Some kits also come with a how to dvd.  Some choose to use a standard hunting rests, but most prefer a bow fishing designed rest. The best two that i trust and use are. The AMS roller rest and the muzzy fish hook. Both rests are time tested and can be bought separate or in some kits. Bow fishing can be done from the bank or boat. Most boat setup's for bow fishing will have some kind of raised platform. This allows the shooter to get a better angle to see and shoot into the water. A lot of people also use wading to stalk carp in the shallows. This can be a very productive way to take fish. The common carp average weight is about 10 pounds, the biggest around 40 pounds. Bow fishing can be done year round but the best months are may/June/July/Aug. I always encourage form member to contact me with any questions they might have about bow fishing. So grab a kit a old bow, or new one. Head to your local river,pond or lake and shoot some fish!
Happy Bow fishing all Carpsniperg2

 ;) Don't let this guy fool you! Bowfishing is a disease! First it starts with a simple bow with some form of string holder. It quickly becomes where you have multiple bows equiped with the best bowfishing equipment, multiple arrows, a boat, and various other equipment specifically designed for bowfishing. Soon you will be looking foreward to June, so you can go fling heavy arrows at squirming spawning fish. You will not realize you have pulled your bow back 200 times until that night when your shoulder is a bit sore, but you will be ready to do it again the next morning. That is, unless you stay up all night on your specifically designed night bowfishing boat with lights, generator, fan motor and deck. Run now! Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :archer:

A 24/7 sickness :drool: and yes i do have lights for my boat :chuckle:

Let's see or read about examples of bow and arrow setups. I was thinking that a samick sage would be a good bow. I also understand some people have strong opinions on the arrow and reel setup. Pics always help.

Are these worth a damn?





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