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Cutt from today

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 I've caught probably four dozen Cutts at this particular lake, they all look like this one. The picture may have enough glare to distort a bit. If you look at the Lake Wa. Cutt in this link, it's very similar, tail, head, etc.. A chinook would have even larger spots yet and if it was on the return would have more of a kype to the jaw. I've seen returning salmon also caught in the lake and they are always fairly dark and mostly in the river-phase.



--- Quote ---I've seen returning salmon also caught in the lake
--- End quote ---

what lake??

here's a lake wa cutthroat up close. i don't know the guy so i blacked out his face, but the pic was all over the local fishing boards.

 What a toad, nice Cutt.. Check your inbox.


 Here's some other Cutt photo's for comparison, notice the tail, adipose and back specling, just as in my photo. You'll have to paste in your browser. The males also have many more spots than do the females, likely I caught a female.





Cutt from local pond caught on a # 18 bead head with a hint of red tied on near the head.


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