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Now thats a CUTT!     Sisu....what have you been up too?

Working too much, but with the economy going nuts I need to be grateful for the job. Holiday weekends are not for us. We stay home and do projects that would normally be put on the back burner. Pat and I shoveled a yard of rock, took the dog swimming, plus Pat did some up grades on our kayaks.
Tomorrow brakes on the van, move some trees, do something to the garden, wash and polish the van and truck.
Back to camping and fishing ASAP. :drool:

I'm with you.  This is one weekend I stay out of the woods. I almost either worki it, or stay home and barbecue moose burgers.  The Garden is almost completely in, and sprinkler system is upgraded.  Its about time to hit the slopes for some rocks or something.  I need to get to the fly tieing bench soon as well.  I should have done that when the snow was deep, but you know how that goes. Work here was busy.  Way too many traumas for a Saturday night.  People will never learn.

 Didn't know you were a green thumb Bone, used to own a landscaping business. What type of system did you install?

I have about a 2 acre lawn, and about an acre in garden.  I also have 30 pheasant pens that I have to water every day.  I had put in underground PVC with manual valves to save money, but that becomes an issue when the temps hit 120 around here in the summer and I want to be camping.  My birds were on a hose to a valve system and I manually water 6 different lines.  I put in PVC out to the pens and then changed all my manual vavles over to rainbird and or orbit.  I now have 4 computers and 27 valves to different lines.  My house is gorgeous ight now with at least 20 varieties of Iris and then the peonie and roses, wild, and 55 different domestic ones, along with daisys and everything else that is in bloom right now including my early daylillies.   the sprinklers really help with my time and relieve a little pressure when I want to be out in the woods.  Toss in the color from about 25 -30 different bird species (pheasants and fowl), and its a regular kaleidiscope around here.


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