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Cutt from today

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 I should have flipped it over, two distinct orange slashes on the throat.

Nice lookin' fish. Looks tasty.

 Thanks, tough to throw those back, but I knew I just had a short time to fish, no point in keeping one.

Again, not a fish expert, but sea-runs usually have spots throughout most of their whole body, and especially throughout all of their fins.  Their mouths tend to be white, with NO color.  Just because there are slashes doesn't mean its a cutthroat.  Still a fun catch.  Good job for throwing it back.

I would pay money if that was not a jack chinook from the salt.
 a little bit of money, like maybe a buck or 2 but i swear thats a 'nookey.
i don't see cutthroat at all. forked tail, black gumline, no bronze-ish cutt coloration, etc.


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