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Talk about my rookie mistake!

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pat riotic:

     I am fifteen years old and this summer i decided that it would be cool to try out archery deer instead of rifle deer. I thought it would be great and that i would bag the big buck on day one  . the guy i hunt with said that it wouldnt be easy, but stubborn me took the challenge and decided i was going to get that buck. during the summer we set up our trail cams and to our surprise we had six great shooter bucks coming in  i was so excited and knew i would get one of them!
      A week prior to opening day the deer werent coming in as much so i lost some cofidence but i knew i would get my buck in the first week. september 1st rolled around and we were in our stand not even an hour before the buck comes in, and of course im half asleep and am not ready what so ever. The buck is like 9 yards away and i have a slight chance to get my bow and take aim. i have my bow in hand and i nock my arrow, my buddy says my arrow looks weird but i say thats how ive always nocked it and so i begin to pull back and my arm hits some branches that i didnt clear !! So i pull back again and again and again for a total of four times and of course the deer knows somthings up and slowly walkes about 10 yards away and i pull back again,finnally, sucsessfull i am aiming down the sight, the deer is still i am aiming it the right place and i am aiming with the correct pin for the distance i let the arrow fly and it goes strait into the stinking ground and i miss by 8 feet easily!!!  at first i thought i hit him because he jumped and i thought he was just around the corner dead on the ground but NO we get off the stand and we dont see him, the arrow, or blood so we begin searching and after ten minutes i find the arrow and i am so mad to see it without blood and so far from the spot i thought it would be at.
       at this point i am upset and discouraged and have no ideal why i missed so we went to go shoot my bows and my buddy sees me nock the arrow and says that i nocked it wrong which i did. i dont know what i was thinking  but i have learned that there is no margin for error when bow hunting.     

therse no margin of error for any type of hunting

Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep it up. It will come.

Tip #2. Remove or don't hunt with a front shirt pocket. Your string might get caught on the corner  :)  Don't worry about it, it's part of the learning process.

Did the same thing the first time I knocked my first arrow. The problem for me was that there were a ton of people around and they watched with a smile while I zinged the first one right into the ground. Sounds like you are way ahead of me with a shot op right out of the gate. Keep at it and good luck. I got my first archery kill this year and I've got a few years on you. Check out my floppy eared slick head in the deer section.


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